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For Hire.

For a more authentic experience, why not hire our dishes etc? We’ll collect free, usually the following day and you certainly don’t need to wash up. Items include Afternoon Tea Stand, Tea Plates, Teacups/Saucer/Tea Strainer, Knife, Fork and Cake Fork, Teaspoon, Glassware. Items are available to hire individually/as extras or check the bundles a little lower on the page for a significant saving on the complete set!

Afternoon Tea Stand
only £8.00 each

Tea Plates
only £1.50 each

Teacups/Saucers/Tea Strainer
only £2.00 each

Knives, Forks and Cake Forks, Teaspoon Set
(wrapped lovingly in a napkin for each individual)
only £2.00 per set

only £1.00 each

Infuser Teapot
only £5.00 each

Order a Bundle*.

For One
only £12.00

For Two
only £15.00

*Either a tea cup etc OR a glass will be delivered depending on your drink choice.


** a holding deposit may be required, returned to you on collection and on inspection of undamaged goods.

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